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Serious collaboranoding


Just before jumping on a Skype call with our incredibly smart and awesome Echoscapes collaborators, Aaron Baxter and Dan Hambleton, I was reading "Woz on Creativity: Work Alone" a piece about Apple cofounder, Steve Wozniak, who claims that working alone is essential for inventors and artists, who typically "live in their heads." Maybe it's because I just finished a 5 year PhD, where I got to experience this creativity-through-solitude approach, that I'm no longer convinced of its effectiveness (and this, despite the positive outcome). Regardless of what solo time does for creativity -- sure it is necessary sometimes to focus -- my point here is that working with other people on this project (fellow Archinodes and collaborators) has proven to be the most inspiring, enlightening and engaging process I've experienced in years. We are working on an immersive, mapped and geolocated 3D environment for uploading, mixing, and sampling soundscapes. Coming soon to mobile phones and web browsers near you...