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Audio Mobile Documentation & Strategy

We're very excited to be putting the final touches on the Audio Mobile project documentation. Over the courses of the last few months we've come up with a great identity for the project, which has included a 100+ page strategy document. In this series of documents we've done a project assessment (of the state it was in when we were brought on), we've wireframed, planned, and mapped out the information architecture, we've designed the app, and we've strategized issues of ownership, shared databases, file formats, social media links, and numerous other elements for the website -- which once laid out and implemented -- will appear seamless. What's left now is the coding and app development, testing, debugging, promotion, and deployment. Beta testers should be able to get their hands (by way of a local install of the app) by August, and the rest of the world, shortly thereafter. We'll let you know when to hit the App Store.