research design laboratory

Mapping Ideas


We're in the final moments of editing our design strategy and schematics for what is shaping up to be a really beautiful project aiming to "return voices" to a park through storytelling and inhabitants' testimonials. For this next leg of the project, we are considering various mapping options as the park's changes through time is what the stories recount and/or resist. We are wading through analog maps, aerial maps, photocopied maps, traced maps, map sketches, crowdsourced maps, historical maps, open street maps, Mapbox and map plugins and map libraries and map art! 

The project is two-pronged: we're wanting to guide visitors who are in the park and have access to a mobile device, and we're wanting to tell the park's story to those visiting the site, virtually. All of this requires that the best concept of the map be identified and tailored to the project's fundamental message of returning the voices to the park.

* Thank you to Katie Lage, Earth Sciences/Map Librarian at UC Boulder for your help.