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QR Codes for Video in POD

NMP launches its 21st web issue at midnight tonight and with it, the print-on-demand publication of the 20th issue. The web version hosts a variety of media: video, audio, image and text. The print issue, however, fails to contain moving image and sound. Print-on-demand distributors do not (yet?) have the option to attach media files (perhaps because the CD/DVD is already deemed obsolete) and so the only way to give access to media files in print is to point people back to the site. But for the most part, readers are not likely to type a URL into their browser to watch a video or listen to the audio recorded interview. For this reason, we've decided to test out QR codes; people can scan the QR code as they are reading the print issue and have direct access to the associated media files. To me this seems one of the better uses of QR codes, which too often appear in awkward and gimmicky places...