research design laboratory

Research Design Labratory

Location. Many of our projects have involved some kind of locative intervention. Mapping, mobile devices, and location based data are creating exciting opportunities for stories to be nested in a specific site: a real place, a local meaning. We're excited about how these location-based tools can be used to transform the way users interact with physical spaces.

Archives. Much of our primary research is in the field digital archives. We're excited about the potential of the networked technologies to let individuals and communities capture, organize, and use the content they produce. We build custom archives that often solve specific curatorial challenges, allowing users to collect, amass, organise, curate, display and disseminate a variety of media formats in for many unique purposes

Networks. We build custom networks and collaboration tools allowing your team to track their conversations, the decisions they make, and keep on file the numerous suggestions that ended up on the cutting room floor. We're excited about the possiblities for creative production these custom networks offer.

Platforms. We help people tell stories. Our experience working with several content management sytems and development approaches allows us to build a custom narrative strategy across a range of distriution channels. We advocate for integrative and adaptive strategies with a website will often just serving as just one component of a larger creative plan.