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As part of my summertime European conference circuit (where I attended this, this and this), I participated in the first initiative by the ARCHIVE FUTURES RESEARCH NETWORK, spearheaded by Maryanna Dever and Linda Morra.
As stated in the conference program: "We are embarking on building an international network to generate imaginative and transformative research exchange around the new questions that are shaping archives and archiving into the future, a future intimately connected to – and likely to be increasingly defined by – digital media. By tackling the status of the material in the era of digitization, the ARCHIVE FUTURES RESEARCH NETWORK productively joins emerging debates across the humanities regarding the character of materiality and matter to debates in the digital humanities concerning emergent modes of research. The questions we want to ask about the theoretical, methodological, epistemological and ontological shifts we are witnessing are not incidental: they are field-defining ones in that they promise to extend our understanding of what happens when our archived cultural heritage is brought together with the promise of the digital. In this respect, our questions are not a supplement to current scholarship and/or archival practice but are key to the production and transfer of new knowledges being generated in this moment of ‘rethinking the archive’."
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