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Dirt Research

Quick entry to post a great quote that resonates with part of what we're getting at through Archinodes, aligned with sweet (and dirty) media theories! This one from "Dirt Research" by Ned Rossiter, as part of Theory on Demand #8 Depletion Design: A Glossary of Network Ecologies:
Innis’ method of dirt research during his staples work was later combined in his communications work with a form of data-mining from his ‘idea file’ – an index of file cards consisting of telegraphic notes, ideas and quotations ...
Dirt research might be understood as both a priori and a posteriori metadata organizing a re- search process. Architect-designers Born, Furján and Jencks suggest that ‘Dirt is designed. It is uniquely composed, site specific, and innately intelligent. ... Dirt is a design tool. 
Data consists of materials, details, inscriptions and symbols in motion. We gather or capture data and in so doing render it temporarily static to produce information and knowledge about the world. The digital coding of data within the grammar of algorithms shares with the analog technology of archives the logic of governance, of ordering, of method. How to move between the digital and the analog is a question of translation across time and space.
(2012, 47).