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As part of our ongoing creative process, we use a variety of social media tools. Lately, PJ and I have been responding to each other's Instagram photos, through photos. Like, for example, this one is a response to this one. I keep my feed private, but it allows for the three of us to keep in touch, see each other's day-to-day, and also to collect sources of inspiration. We try to put as much attention into safeguarding content as we do in creating it, but there is definitely a lag, both in terms of technology available and impetus to do so. Social media is very much about the present moment. Those moments are ephemeral even if recorded, commented on and shared. More and more, we want to encourage our clients to think about project preservation but in a way that accounts for the social infrastructure of the web.

I took this photo on my travels to Vancouver from Montreal for a double-whammy of conference and Archinodes launch. Apparently August is the best time to visit Vancouver. Sunshine all week.